The NVCAP project team has assembled a comprehensive list of resources about the background, the planning process, zoning, and other subjects related to the project. These resource are listed in no particular order and linked to external sites and/or documents. New resources and materials will may be updated to this page during the duration of the NVCAP project, and highlighted on the Home page of this website.

City of Palo Alto Plans, Documents, and Department Information

1. City of Palo Alto Planning and Community Environment Webpage

Planning and Community Environment Department

2. North Ventura Coordinated Area Plan Project Webpage

NVCAP ans_and_studies_under_development/north_ventura_coordinated_area_plan/default.asp

3. Comprehensive Plan

2030 Comprehensive Plan

4. Zoning Code

Palo Alto Municipal Code

5. Citywide Planning Documents and Area Plans

SOFA I & SOFA II Parks Master Plan

Urban Forestry Master Plan

Local Hazard Mitigation Plan

6. Design Guidelines

El Camino Real Design Guidelines

South El Camino Real Design Guidelines

7. Transportation Plans

Bicycle + Pedestrian Plan

Rail Corridor Study

Grand Boulevard Palo Alto

Connecting Palo Alto

8. Housing

Housing Element (2015-2023)

Affordable Housing Overlay

Housing Work Plan

9. Related Ordinances

Annual Office Limit Ordinance (Ordinance # 5439)

Citywide Office and R&D Development Cap (Ordinance # 5446)

10. Technical Resources


11. Outside Agency Documents

Grand Boulevard Initiative

Caltrain General Information

Caltrain Electrification



2018 Stanford General Use Permit

California Planning Guide: An Introduction to Planning in California (Governor’s Office of Planning Research 2005 Edition)

California High Speed Rail