Engagement Activities + Opportunities

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The NVCAP planning process will include a comprehensive community outreach program to provide opportunities for meaningful input through the planning process.  Examples of activities may include: 

  • A Working Group to review and provide feedback on existing conditions, planning alternatives, and other information related to the planning area. The NVCAP Working Group is made up of residents, business owners, community representatives and property owners of the NVCAP planning area.  Please click on the “Working Group Meetings” icon below or here to learn more.

  • Meetings with stakeholder groups including property owners, commercial tenants, area residents, and affinity groups/advocates (affordable housing representatives, bicycle groups, environmental representatives, etc.) to solicit input early on in the process.

  • Community workshops to share ideas, respond to study results and weigh in on the vision and emerging policies of the plan. These meetings may include walking tours, formal workshops, and/or other community events.

  • Study sessions / public hearings with decision-makers at key milestones, including at least one Working Group meeting jointly with the City Council. 

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