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NVCAP Working Group Meetings


Consistent with PAMC Section 19.10.030, a working group comprised of residents, business owners, property owners, and community representatives has been appointed by the Council and will meet regularly to consider existing conditions, analyses, and policy developments related to the North Ventura Coordinated Area Plan (or NVCAP).

The working group will advise the Palo Alto Planning and Community Environment Department staff, the Planning and Transportation Commission (PTC) and the City Council during the NVCAP planning process.

It is anticipated that the group would meet monthly from June 2018 through December 2019. Working Group meetings will be open to the public and subject to the Brown Act.


The working group is made up of fourteen (14) individuals, and two alternates. The Working Group composition is intended to represent a diversity of interests and expertise, including homeowners and renters, people of different ages and cultural backgrounds. Members may also have been selected based on expertise in subjects such as housing, urban design, community health, sustainability and the environment, parks and recreation, and transportation/mobility.

The working group includes:

  • Residents: live within the planning area boundaries or the greater North Ventura neighborhood

  • Business owners and local employees: work or own a business within the planning area boundaries or nearby (mix of small and larger businesses)

  • Property Owners (i.e. large and small property owners)

  • City residents with expertise in urban design, housing development, environmental planning, transportation, or land economics

  • Planning and Transportation Commission (PTC) Member

  • Architectural Review Board (ARB) Member

  • Parks and Recreation Commission Member